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5.0 out of 5 stars Eye-opening account of the real stories behind Hurricane KatrinaJune 3, 2010
In 1977, Paul Harris - a self-described "naïve twenty-one-year-old discovering himself" - sojourned to New Orleans in order to immerse himself in what he deemed "America's Most Soulful City." Twenty-eight years later, Paul found himself on the opening leg of a tourist jaunt through the fabled town - when the inimitable natural disaster better known as "Hurricane Katrina" brought the city to its knees. Suddenly finding himself in the midst of 20,000 other survivors crammed into the deplorable conditions of the Louisiana Superdome, Paul eventually bore first-hand witness to the absolute best and worst that humanity has to offer, leaving an indelible impression on his mind and spirit that is sure to stay with him forever. 

Throughout the pages of Diary From The Dome, author Paul Harris takes the reader on a vicarious journey back to a controversial time when one would find it nearly impossible to believe in America's status as the world's foremost superpower. Over the past five years, countless stories of the horrendous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have been shared in all forms of media, but relatively few pack the powerful, personalized punch that Harris delivers in his journalized memoir. From Ground Zero itself, Harris bore personal witness to the destructive impact of the calamitous storm, as well as the pain, despair, and desperation felt by all those left in its wake. In no uncertain terms, Harris pulls no punches in telling the real stories of those affected by one of the worst natural disasters in American history - even going so far as to call the mainstream media to task for its more often than not blatant misrepresentations of the events that he not only observed - but struggled to lived through. 

Raw, real, and refreshingly honest, Diary From The Dome is required reading for anyone wanting to learn the real story behind the natural and human tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina. An absolute must-read. 

Dominique Sessons 

Apex Reviews 

5.0 out of 5 stars This book improved my life!July 18, 2008

The experience that Mr. Harris went through was clearly life-altering for him. Fortunately, as a reader I was able to feel the experience--mainly do to his informal and personal writing style--the trauma for myself; thus gaining a similar perspective as did Mr. Harris from his ordeal. For this, I thank him. His "20 suggestions" about life at the end of the book ring true and are achievable for anyone.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Touching and thought provoking account...July 17, 2008
By Sophia ""bookie"" (San Diego, CA) - See all my reviews

This book is a touching and thought provoking account of Mr. Harris' harrowing experience in New Orleans during the hurricane - Katrina. The author has shared his honest observations and emotional responses with the reader in a simple journal format. Mr. Harris has courageously expressed his own judgments and fears as he takes the reader through a day by day account of being trapped in the "Dome" during the destruction of New Orleans by Katrina. This personal account is both deeply moving, humorous and demonstrates the integrity of the author in the face of one of the worst disasters to hit Louisiana. The reader is left contemplating what their own behavior and reactions would be if faced with the same horrific conditions as Mr. Harris. One could only hope to demonstrate the same integrity, courage, honesty and love of humanity the author expresses in his book. Thank you Mr. Harris for this reminder - we are all one and it matters every minute of every day.

5.0 out of 5 stars Katrina - 3 years onAugust 30, 2008
By Neil Coffey (UK) - See all my reviews

This book is a poignant reminder of what happened to this great city and it's people 3 years ago. I can tell you that this book is an accurate account of the events of that week, as I met Paul while in the Louisiana Superdome and shared many of the experiences that are referred to in the book. Everyone who was there will have a different story, this book though is a very honest account of Paul's observations and viewpoints during that time.

Other Reviews:

Paul A. Harris was visiting New Orleans when hurricane Katrina struck and devastated the city.  Unable to flee the city, Paul was approximately the 400th person to enter the Superdome.  The crowd consisted mainly of the homeless and drug addicts.  When Katrina hit land the power went out and the backup generators kicked in, but there was no more air conditioning, plumbing, and they had only about 50% of the lighting they had had before losing power.  Soon thereafter part of the roof of the Superdome blew off.  A storm was not only brewing outside, but inside the Superdome as well.  Due to a lack of communication, a lack of leadership, rumors and misinformation, life inside of  the Superdome became a hellhole and full of mayhem.  The thousands upon thousands inside of the Superdome during this horrific time now found themselves playing a real life "survivor in the dome" game.  Only this was not a game, this nightmare was really happening and those inside the Superdome didn't know if they would escape with their lives intact.  Running out of water and food, surrounded by filth and unsanitary conditions, those inside the Superdome became desperate.

Diary From The Dome is a wonderfully written account of Paul A. Harris' own experience inside of the Superdome when Hurricane Katrina hit and during the days after.  Like many others, it was days before Paul would be able to flee the destruction of Katrina and escape New Orleans.  I thank Paul for sharing his story with us.  The pictures Paul shares in his book make the Superdome experience even more real to the rest of America who weren’t inside of the Superdome but who were wondering, worrying, and (yes even) praying for those stuck there.  - Connie Harris

"I have since read your book and found it astonishing.  Your experiences, as seen through eyes terrorized by this violent storm and perilous human condition, are shared with the reader with still a compassionate heart.  Knowing integrity, compassion and faith flourish, albeit exist, in these darkest of places gives me great peace. And hope and faith and of course love.  Thank you for your generous contributions to helping us rebuild one of America's greatest cultures." - Sheila McFadden Retired Nurse, Arkansas

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